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Joining Balguerie Group means sharing a common vision based on the most favorable values: ethics, team spirit, ambition, professionalism, and innovation.

At Balguerie Group, it is imperative to heed our staff’s needs and enhance their abilities while respecting their individuality, as it directly correlates with our triumph.

As a company, we strive to a #Largerview every day. We aim to help you uncover and develop your talents to reach your full potential. You’ll become a distinct and valuable team member as you set your career path at full throttle. We completely trust your abilities and cannot wait to witness all you will achieve.

Let’s work together to create a plan for your professional growth and advancement in a sustainable and ethical workplace.

  • Employee development is essential to the Balguerie Group’s success. We have set up a training program to enhance our employees’ skills and prepare them to take on new challenges by combining technical and personal development training.

  • At Balguerie Group, we value our employees and strive to provide them diverse and rewarding career paths. We recognize and utilize your skills and take advantage of the growth opportunities within our company. We aim to empower you to showcase your talents through our extensive internal promotion and mobility program, including international opportunities.

  • We at Balguerie Group prioritize integrating social, workplace, and environmental concerns in all our operations and decision-making processes.
    Reducing the impact of our activities on the environment, improving working conditions for our employees, and promoting equality and diversity are our challenges for tomorrow.
    Doing so, Balguerie Group aims to make a tangible and constructive impact by promoting ecological and inclusive development models.

    Nos quartiers ont du talent (NQT) Work-Study Program

    Work-Study Program

    Balguerie Group has formed enduring partnerships with schools specializing in transport and logistics. Thus, allowing to welcome a growing number of work-study students every year, now representing 5% of the workforce.

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