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“At Balguerie Group, we consider the impact of our activities on the environment, society, and the economy while ensuring our long-term sustainability.”

Balguerie Group companies are aware of the consequences of their choices on stakeholders, including their teams, customers, suppliers, local communities, and the planet’s well-being. To positively impact society, Balguerie Group has developed a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by promoting new practices. In doing so, we remain steadfast in our commitment to a more sustainable future.

Our approach is built on three core pillars that we will not compromise on:





Social Responsibility

  • Carbon Footprint Assessment (scopes 1 to 3): implementing decarbonization actions;
  • Information Systems Security Policy: pursuing our efforts, conducting security audits, and obtaining the CyberVadis rating for Balguerie Group;
  • Customer Satisfaction: monitoring and maintaining customer referral rate (latest KPI > 95%);
  • Creation of a dedicated Compliance Committee for Balguerie Group.



Environmental Responsibility

  • Implementation of an energy audit for all premises of 1000 m2 and over;
  • Deployment of a CSR-responsible purchasing policy;
  • Recycling network improvements at all our sites (paper, packaging, IT equipment, etc.);
  • Implementation of a CSR policy to run a responsible vehicle fleet.

To make our goals a reality, Balguerie Group has set some top priorities:

  • Promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion within our organization that values and nurtures unique perspectives and differences;
  • Empowering our staff by offering them valuable training opportunities;
  • Establishing a top-notch policy for occupational health and safety;
  • Contributing to the collective effort to reduce energy consumption;
  • Advocating for transportation options that decrease the release of greenhouse gas emissions.
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