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One of the major issues in international transport is the preservation of the products’ quality, especially agri-food products. This is why our experts take particular care in organizing your shipments by always looking for the most appropriate equipment. In addition to specialized equipment, there are insulating materials to protect goods from temperature variations while ensuring water and air tightness.

The insulation of containers is particularly used through an insulation kit for the transport of wines and spirits, drinks known to be fragile, or any other food product requiring this type of protection.


Our Iso B-Liner Kit offers optimal insulation of containers by covering the walls, roof and floor of the container before placing the goods. With a total thickness of 84 microns and composed in part of aluminum, this insulation has a reflective power for a temperature of up to 38 degrees and a relative humidity of 90%. B-Liner protects your goods from moisture and condensation inside containers that can damage cartons as well as labels, caps and closures.

The use of an iso kit helps preserve your goods as opposed to a dry container while remaining less expensive than a refrigerated container.

In addition to our B-Liner insulation, we offer the ecological alternative: the Eco-liner. A sustainable solution allowing energy savings and an insulation made of 100% low density polyethylene, which makes it 100% recyclable and reusable without altering its insulating qualities.


Our Rigid Iso Kit, made of interlocking panels, also offers excellent thermal sealing, prevents moisture from rising through the floor of the container and provides better mechanical resistance, especially during land transport.

The use of the iso kit allows you to have an extension of the insurance guarantee without additional expenses. This will facilitate the assumption of responsibility of various damage related to the variations of temperature or moisture occurred during transport.

Do not hesitate to contact our experts in agri-food logistics for all your international projects.

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